Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unpredictable days...


its almost a year since i last post on my blog..just not too fancy to blog though..hahaha

btw after my last update in my blog, many things had happened...

i meet a new bunch of car club frens and eventually we made a club by ourselves.. seriously, they are just the guys that i wanted to meet all this while..their trust and frenship is just beyond words can say..really thanks to them, i am able to do something i like with a big bunch of fren..

besides that, logitech had closed down and im currently at seems to be fine at this moment but i wanna do something my own shop, perhaps in a years time..haih..

recently, im happy but in a away i aint happy.. things aren't just the same anymore...

oh ya, before i end and god knows how long will i post again..i would like to thanks most of my frens.. my 16 years buddy and my ex skol mates, they never forget me thou..

thanks to my car clubs fren and i reli appreciate the frenship bond we had..wish u guys all the best and i will be back for TT soon !!! and i mean SOOOOOONNNN ~~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Genting Trip

Back from trip for days d..
Everything was fine and was able to relax there..

But 1 thing i could not believe, the jockey parking in first world oni cost RM12 per entry !!! so cheap..hahahah

Dis are the pics i got for myself :

1st Day

Second Day :

Don wonder why so less pics, am not a fan of taking pic

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Work Place

After a long time dis blog was created, finally im willing to update this thing..haha

So 2day i realize there were something bad which is about to happen in my work place..something real bad..

I'm wondering now just that when will i get fired? or who will be the 1st one to kena from the seniors..
Monitoring sucks and i bet soon i will fail everything and they will ask me to leave..
But anyway, to make things better, i will be going to Genting this weekend..

The enjoying part is that i finally can relax myself from some work stress or else i'll be
Anyways, will be trying hard to cope up with work and all the best !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

1st Post

Finally, made up my mind to start blogging. Just tot that i could see what i've done on this date after 5-10years..haha..

Just let me start with a little bit of myself:

Name:Stanley Teo aka Stanz
DOB:Jan 3rd 1987

Afterall i would like to share that im in lurve with cars, i used up lotsa money on my car. I noe its a waste of money but what can i do, dats wad i like..Here is a pic of my car :

All of a sudden i started to fall in love with DLSR. Heard from alot of people that Nikon D40 is for beginner so my next item target during my next pay is Nikon D40...taaaadaaaaa:

Speaking of my pay, just let me show u guys how my work station looks like..working in a call center which has low call Q..i'll usually receive like 20 calls max a day..haha

Last but not least, this is the pet in my house which keeps me awake all night long.. She will be playing with d toys given to her most of the time during midnight..haih..

DOB:23rd Sept 08
Date of Purchase: 7th December 2008