Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unpredictable days...


its almost a year since i last post on my blog..just not too fancy to blog though..hahaha

btw after my last update in my blog, many things had happened...

i meet a new bunch of car club frens and eventually we made a club by ourselves.. seriously, they are just the guys that i wanted to meet all this while..their trust and frenship is just beyond words can say..really thanks to them, i am able to do something i like with a big bunch of fren..

besides that, logitech had closed down and im currently at seems to be fine at this moment but i wanna do something my own shop, perhaps in a years time..haih..

recently, im happy but in a away i aint happy.. things aren't just the same anymore...

oh ya, before i end and god knows how long will i post again..i would like to thanks most of my frens.. my 16 years buddy and my ex skol mates, they never forget me thou..

thanks to my car clubs fren and i reli appreciate the frenship bond we had..wish u guys all the best and i will be back for TT soon !!! and i mean SOOOOOONNNN ~~~

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